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Your BRAND is your company's most valuable asset!

Protect it with CREATEONLINE. This comprehensive internet based digitally perfect Brand management system builds and protects Brands with its unique integrated online tailormade modules that allow for creating, ordering and controlling of all your brand elements. It eliminates expensive Corporate Identity manuals, is never out of date, manages stock, saves time and money.

The question is, exactly how valuable is your Corporate Brand?

The Corporate Identity of your company communicates the values and promises of your company. This is the first point of contact between your business and your customers. The manner in which your Corporate Identity is communicated, speaks volumes about your company, and the professionalism of your organization. Protecting the integrity of your Corporate Identity and the manner in which it is presented to the market is of paramount importance. Every brand strategist will agree on the critical need for consistency. However, controlling this process is easier said than done. It is proven that the more layers of communication you have, the more you lose control.

Technology - Friend or Foe?

Technology enables us to communicate globally and brings the world within reach. Unfortunately, technology brings with it some degree of problems, Corporate Branding being one of the biggest problem areas where technology is concerned.

Today, anyone within an organization who has access to a PC and your logo, can and will discard the Corporate Identity for example low resolution logos are downloaded from the website and pasted into presentations; Branches/Franchisees use your Corporate font in the wrong weight and incorrect size, or they just create their own font to insert next to your Logo, one they feel looks better! Before you know it, your Corporate Identity has been diluted beyond recognition. All companies suffer from this, and the larger the organization, the bigger the problem.

Can you afford not to protect your brand with the online solution – CREATEONLINE?


  • Flexible and created to suit your specific needs
  • A foolproof Internet process that protects the integrity of your Brand
  • Ensures Brand management
  • Ensures Brand standards are never diluted
  • Ensures Brand consistency
  • Allows for online customisation of basic formats
  • Eliminates risk of 3rd party misunderstanding
  • Minimises production time to market, due to ease of use
  • Saves money
  • Has e-commerce transactional capabilities
  • Management analysis via integral reporting
  • Global and national application

What does this mean to Users?

  • Fast, instant access with simple ordering processes.
  • Orders placed quicker with better turnaround times compared to conventional systems.
  • Order consolidation
  • Cost effective with real savings
  • Frees up management
  • Consistent quality of production and print.
  • Efficient Management reports for tracking and budget protection.

The flexibility of CREATEONLINE is demonstrated by some of the possible management application modules below :

  • Corporate Identities
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Corporate Wardrobes
  • Corporate Brochures, Posters, Banners
  • Point of sale and Retail merchandising
  • Promotional Items
  • Advertising templates and archives
  • Image Libraries
  • Promotional Newsletters, e-marketing, SMS & MMS
  • Or Solutions designed to suit your specific needs


  • Password protected environment
  • Hosted on secure servers (SSL Digital Certification), no interference with existing IT infrastructures
  • Complete analysis and modification to suit existing infrastructures
  • Online Training / Help Centre and registration to all users
  • 24/7 access
  • Complete confidentiality guaranteed
  • Can be set up to allocate usage to designated cost centers of departments

Other optional services:

  • In-house Advertising and Graphic Design Studio
  • In-house Repro and printing which includes large and small format digital printing from leaflets to posters
  • Database Management and creation
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Stock Control

A unique and complete supply chain all under one roof, guaranteeing Brand control and swift turnaround times