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McEwan Advertising

McEwan Advertising is a medium sized design and advertising agency with a team of Creative Directors, Art Directors, Client Service Account Executives and qualified designers. An onsite reproduction department and large format digital printing. McEwan Advertising has earned a reputation for the astute interpretation of clients needs, producing advertising, media and marketing campaigns that hit their mark. These include corporate identity designs; brochures; annual reports; conception of advertising campaigns and production of exhibition material.

Visit their website - www.mcewanadvertising.co.za

Bradian Logistic Solutions

Bradian opened its doors in 1997. Strategically situated in Isando, Gauteng, this third party Logistics Service Provider has become a popular choice for businesses with outsourcing Requirements and is setting new standards in the logistics industry.

In 2001 Bradian entered into a strategic alliance with Courierit, a courier company that shared in the Bradian vision and commitment to risk management. The objectives of this alliance has been to offer not only a complete logistics solution but also to ensure that a competitive advantage is achieved through constantly re-evaluating systems and operating procedures, allowing the customer to benefit from these initiatives.

Visit their website - www.bradian.co.za

Zenzo Creative Online

Zenzo Creative Online, a sister operation to McEwan Advertising, was established in 2001 and is run by Mothobi Mutloatse and Shaun McEwan.

Zenzo has been established with the BEE group/structure holding 51% and McEwan Advertising, herewith represented by Shaun McEwan, holding 49%. The consequences of the negotiated new merger is a real Black Empowerment company that allows people from previously disenfranchised communities to have skills of business transferred to them and not only to become shareholders of a merger, but also have a “hands-on” operational experience in the business. The merger also ensures that resources, skills and knowledge is pooled together and that strengths and opportunities of both businesses are also optimised through synergies.